Monday, February 8, 2010

Toxic Avenger.

Emily asked me to blog about this, and since she is my boss and I do everything she tells me, I'm going to humiliate myself and tell the story.

I had some sort of stomach bug over the weekend. Saturday I ventured to Walmart and was standing in the pasta section, deciding on which shape pasta I wanted to cook. There was only one other person in the aisle...a little college girl with blonde hair (pink highlights) wearing leggings and army boots. Cute girl.

So...the worst happened. No noise. Very small, but lethal none-the-less. After about 5 seconds the college girl shouted "JESUS!!! What IS that???" and rushed out of the aisle, pushing her cart
ahead of her as fast as she could.

I cannot believe I was so toxic. I pride myself on smelling good all the time, but whatever was going on in my intestines over the weekend was not of this world.

Thankfully the issue is over and now I can be in the same room with other people.
I also have no pride and an inordinate amount of humility for sharing this.

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