Friday, May 28, 2010

Through thick and thin.

I spent the morning interviewing a couple, Jerry and Vi, for a Memorial Day story. This December they will be married 69 years. He fought in the Philippines during WWII. Vi didn't even hear his voice for more than three years during that time, and communication by mail was sporadic at best.

Whatever happened to that kind of love and commitment?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Monster under the bed.

I haven't blogged since April and I don't EVEN want to write why.
I was bogged down in old quicksand, and thank heavens I've gotten out fairly unscathed.

The newsroom isn't the same, so I almost don't want to blog about it anymore. Michael gave his notice today. I know more changes are coming. It's sad, really. We used to be tight. We aren't anymore. I'll ride out the changes and maybe (and that's a BIG maybe) we will find that rare and unique camaraderie again.

My physical self reacts HUGELY to my emotional state...and I have been under the weather off and on the last couple of months. That is precisely the time I encountered the old quicksand, strangely enough. I've fallen off course, and have to start all over again because I can't seem to learn that there are some things that will never change, no matter how much we want them to.

I need to re-wire a few things inside my head and heart. And I need to simply steer clear when trouble heads my way - even if it comes with pretty stories and ardent apologies. Not everyone out there plays fair. Plays with honesty. Plays with good intentions.

It's almost summer. Less than a month until my solstice. Good things are coming...but just like I hate flying to get to a destination that delights and amazes me, the next few weeks may be a bit bumpy. It may take a little while before I can look under my bed again.

That's life.