Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bacon threats.

Emily just sent me a text and told me to meet her out in the parking lot because she had a present for me. It was a wedding cake flavored snow cone - MY FAVORITE! It's weird to not have her here. But I really like Patti. We were walking over to the chinese restaurant for lunch today and Safina and I started making "noodle" references. We always talk about "noodles" when we eat lunch at the Chinese restaurant. It's naughty. Patti chimed right in. Didn't even miss a beat.

Ryan just told me he drove all around Weatherford looking for a fire he heard about on the scanner. His face is a little red. He said he was swearing and spitting all by himself in his truck. Now he's telling my dog Scotch he's going to fry up some bacon and bring it to work tomorrow and set it on top of his desk, and if Scotch keeps ignoring him he won't get any. Scotch is just staring at him while he makes his futile threats.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wong Foo Fighting

My dog Scotch was on crack in the newsroom today. Running around in the middle of the room, jumping in the air, chasing his tail...then scooting off into the reception area like Lucifer was on his back...I have NO idea what got into him. It was funny, tho. Patti and I were rolling.

Now he's completely sacked out under my desk. Which is kinda where I want to be - taking a nap - but I have a bachelorette party to attend tonight. (It's a TUESDAY night! What???)

Jeff has advised me NOT to publish a story about where drag queens buy clothes in western Oklahoma - I got the idea because I'm going to be doing a little story on a business in a tiny little town (close to here) called Bokays by Nina and Tina...or something like that. Reminds me of the Strawberry Festival town in "To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar." I haven't even MET a drag queen out here...but you never know.

Monday, July 19, 2010

NIX the Sabbatical!

Oh. And by the way. I am NIXING the sabbatical. Totally. Tired of being on sabbatical. After giving it some thought I have decided sabbaticals are for the birds. Eight months is MORE sabbatical than anyone (except people who are SUPPOSED to go on sabbatical) needs.

Ryan is sitting over there cackling because the police Captain said he was doing a good job of making my life miserable since Michael has been gone. Pleh.

Someone fetch me a straightjacket.

I didn't sleep last night because my legs were itching and because I had a lot on my mind (GOOD things...had some nice conversations with friends and potential friends in the late evening, and my cousin Bo) I tossed and turned and ended up with only about four hours sleep. So at lunch today I had one of those five hour energy drinks. Ahem. Waiting for the KOOKY to kick in.

Newsroom is still having server problems, and I lost a whole story today. I'm fixing to rewire it (do a rewrite). Jeff is back today and already giving me hell. Ryan is pretty sedate - must be all that premarital counseling he's getting. Patti is trying NOT to lose her mind with all the server stuff. Josh is running amok, as usual.

For as much as I love summer, for some reason I am already ready for fall. I don't want winter...just fall. And I want ALL crazypeople banished from my normally happy world.

St. Jules of the big heart and open arms for crazypeople with their crazydrama has officially left the building. For good.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

It's Friday in the newsroom. We're all ready for the weekend. Patti hit a deer on her way to work this morning and Ryan won't stop eating vanilla wafers. We all want to go across to the 117 and throw back a few, we are.

I've decided to extend my sabbatical until the Fall Equinox. There is a danger of becoming a crazy old cat lady, sitting on my porch with a bottle of gin, wearing magenta lipstick and brocade slippers and whistling at the college boys when they walk by if I don't start dating again soon...but I had a bit of a setback and need to extend my time out. It was just a wee setback, but a setback none-the-less.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dysfunctional Family.

I'm kind of excited. Today Ryan grabbed the back of my chair and yanked on it, sending me into a two-second panic. Patti brought me a blueberry biscuit for breakfast and we joked a little about pornography.

I once again have a newsroom family. *sigh*

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New newsroom.

We have a different newsroom.

Emily is gone...Michael is gone. Now we have Patti and Ryan. It's still very dysfunctional, which is satisfactory.

Patti is the new editor. She is sweet - with an edge. She is the kind of person who will say something really inappropriate/silly/insane with a cherubic smile on her face. Very nice...and I really like working with her.

Ryan is a hoot. Quick-witted, smart...and he can seem boyishly naive and then turn around and do or say something that makes even MY jaw drop.

Writers. I guess no matter where you go, there they are...all cut from the same twisted mold. Thank God.