Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Big Plans.

I have a headache from thinking too much today. I almost thought I had a shot at serving on City Council today but found out I don't meet the residency requirements...I need to be here 9 more months. Bummer.

I guess if I'm looking to go into politics I should clean up my act a little. Not that I'm doing anything to make skeletons...I'm just thinking of my silliness factor. Then again, if I can't continue to be a little silly, I guess I don't want any part of politics.

So for now I'll just keep trying to make positive changes in my little West of Eden. It's a good town, despite the things that drive me crazy. I came back here because it is like my talisman...if a town can be likened to that. The community garden is probably enough for me to bite off right now, anyway. I've got big plans, though. Big plans.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Michael just stuffed 15 pieces of Double Bubble in his mouth at once. He chewed it, blew one lame but sort of large bubble, and then spit it out. It looked like a tiny, pink brain.

Teresa (our accountant) brought a huge bag of assorted candy to work. She shouldn't have let the newsroom know she brought it. We are not mature enough to handle a big bag of candy. I just finished off my 8th roll of Smarties. Michael is moaning at his desk. No one has seen Josh since he got ahold of some Warheads.

We're falling apart in here!

Long time, no blog.'s been ages since I've blogged. I've been distracted, busy, uptight, peaceful, moving forward, moving backward and finally, today....back on track. Yoga tonight. Eating better.

Grover was sick all last week and had to go to the vet over the weekend. $507 for a constipated cat. That could buy a lot of spring shoes, but oh well. I've learned, after 50 years, to just roll with things. Roll up, roll down...but roll.

I have already flipped Michael off twice today. (Common newsroom ritual). I don't flip people off outside the newsroom. It's rude and it hurts their feelings. I have better manners than that.'s finally starting to look a little more like spring out there. I have lots of plants in my garden, and I just need more money so I can get my studio set up. The Victory Garden is a go and that is keeping me busy. I've been making my bed every morning. THAT is an accomplishment!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Winter Begone!

Oh man...curly fries sound so good right now.

Anyway - what the hades is up with Oklahoma's freaky weather? My peas are just starting to come is the last day of winter and it's supposed to be 70 degrees out and tomorrow we're supposed to get a blizzard???? Gimme a break.

Michael is gone from the newsroom today. It's just the four of us...Em, Jeff, Josh and me. It's already getting weird tho.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Swinging the Shallelagh.

Working on a story about "sexting".....whatever happened to writing love notes? Jeez...maybe I'm old fashioned but I think sending naked pics to someone is more than a little bit stupid and completely un-sexy. Anytime I have questions about propriety I always ask myself "what would Audrey Hepburn do?" I can guarantee you would never catch Ms. Hepburn sending risky pics through the ether for ANYONE to see.

Other than that, it's St. Pat's Day and I have no plans. No desire to drink green beer or go out and sing drunken Irish ballads. If I were still living in Seattle I would be going to Kell's to eat soda bread and drink Guinness...but here in Oklahoma there isn't a lot of genuine Irish fun to be found. At least not out here in the southwest.

I shouldn't even be blogging these days. The cold weather is making me so cranky my sense of humor and usual positive attitude has gone down the toilet. Watched it swirl and disappear about three days ago. I swear, this time last year I was wearing short sleeves and flippies every day. Maybe I just shouldn't blog until the temperatures start to average about 70 degrees.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Drain the grace.

Thank heavens the sun came out today.
In the newsroom, we are laughing because of one of Josh's typos. He was doing a cooking story with our local priest, and he was writing the priest's instructions for recipe...and he said "then you drain the grace"...ha ha ha. Leave it to the Catholics to drain the grace out of things. (I can say that...I'm Catholic).

Monday, March 15, 2010

All by myself.

I'm not ready. I decided that after talking to the cowboy guy on the phone over the weekend. I am just too content being on my own now. Simple as that.

It's Monday, and with daylight savings time just beginning, getting up at 6:30 a.m. feels a lot like getting up at 5:30 a.m. and it's chilly and cloudy today. That makes for one cranky day.

And Michael keeps yanking the back of my chair and it makes me feel like I'm tipping over. Some Mondays are just plain Monday-like. Today is one of them.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Today is school lunch menu day. I type the school lunch menus for the paper. You can't imagine how much that excites me.

This week is meant to be over soon. It was too full. Too full of good things, too full of bad things...too many extremes. The mayor, bless him, gave the Victory (community) Garden I am wanting to do a beautiful spot to grow, I've still been sick, the ex-boyfriend is finally catching on that we will have no more merry-go-rounds, almost all of my little seedlings have sprouted, it feels like spring (finally) and I have met someone that piques my interest and last night he asked me out and I said yes. So much for waiting til the summer solstice. But I have a good feeling about it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Doesn't seem like I've been able to blog the past couple of days - the newsroom has been busy. Today, however, something amazing happened. Michael threw his chewed gum on my keyboard (not so amazing because it happens every day) and when I picked it up and threw it at him he put his hand up to shield his face. The gum bounced off his hand and right into the trash can. We would not be able to replicate that excellent feat again if we tried a million times. High-fives all around!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Phantom Booger I'm finally getting over this cold, but today I have a problem. It's a phantom booger. You know how you can kind of see when something is sitting on the end of your nose? Well I keep seeing a little booger, but when I wipe it there is nothing there. What on earth?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Quotes from the Newsroom

Today I am just going to write random quotes from the newsroom.

(Content may not be suitable for mature audiences).

"That guy thinks he shits the cure for cancer." - Michael

"Old fart eyeball head." - Emily

"If I wanted to shoot people, the Pentagon would be the last place I would go. But that's just me." - Jeff

"Jeff, I'm hearing some foul words coming from your side of the room." - Michael

"Glazed beets. Mmm-mmm." - Emily

"Did you just armpit-check yourself?" - Michael

"Jeff, you are just about the right age for me to come over there and kick you in the face." - Me

"You know what we need? We need doors on this office." - Emily
"I second that." - Jeff
"Yah Michael when you made that remark about the asian vagina the other day, I was like, oh hell...because there was someone out there." - Emily
"Ha ha ha." - Michael
"Yah our conversations go downhill really fast." - Emily

"I want to go to Bora Bora." - Michael

"They're having edible underwear for breakfast." - Jeff

"I just find it funny that you were both trying to give Michael one-dollar bills." - Josh

"Bonus bowel-toids!" - Me
"Yer like, yah, thanks..." - Emily

"They all just stared at me in horror." - Me

"I just found a dollar in my pocket - WOOT WOOT!" - Michael

"Inappropriate!" - Michael
"Awesome!" - Josh

"Michael is that you crank calling?" - Brenda
"Why do you have to be so accusing? I'm just sitting here reading my emails." - Michael

"Julie, we don't tee tee in our pants - we tee tee in the potty." - Michael

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's just not gonna work this time. Nope, it's not.

I think all the goop in my head is finally taking it's toll on my brain. Didn't write much today, mostly because it's sunny outside and I can't stop staring out the window, and mostly because the Clinton guy has been trying to talk to me all day.

I'm thinking of buying a banjo and sitting on my front porch singing "don't want no crazy man comin' by, oh no I don't."

I'm actually a lot finer than I thought I'd be. He's all trying to tell me how I got the whole thing all wrong and my thinking isn't right. Um. Ok.

Anyway, the sun is shining and I think I'll go home and make a long list of why I like myself now.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nothing but ink.

I already wrote about a billion words today for the newspaper, so I'm tired of writing.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Grove

My cat, Grover, is more like a dancing circus bear than a feline.

So what if a broomstick is my favorite mode of transportation?

If this virus hangs on much longer I'm going to start biting heads off bunnies. Seriously.

At least it's giving me some down time to do homework. Plus, I tested Lavender and Frankincense essential oils in a steam concoction and it seems to clear up my sinuses and make me feel not so cranky.

(I just deleted about a paragraph of drivel about an IM I received from the Clinton guy...don't even know why I bothered at the time.)

Anyway, I went and played BUNKO with the ladies afterward and won five all's well that ends well.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh I need some SPRING!

Despite the plague inside my chest and sinuses I still managed to plant peas and sweet peas yesterday, and clear out my front garden. I think it was about mid-50s yesterday afternoon. Today it's freezing again. Damn forever winter. This is COLD for Oklahoma this time of year.

I also started herb and flower seeds indoors. Tarragon, thyme, catnip, chives, oregano, sage, lavender, nasturtiums and forget me nots. I have a pathetic case of spring fever. It can't stay like this forever.

I had another peach day yesterday. I got a lot done, actually, even though this virus is hanging on. Tonight I play BUNKO with the ladies...maybe win some cash.