Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Big Plans.

I have a headache from thinking too much today. I almost thought I had a shot at serving on City Council today but found out I don't meet the residency requirements...I need to be here 9 more months. Bummer.

I guess if I'm looking to go into politics I should clean up my act a little. Not that I'm doing anything to make skeletons...I'm just thinking of my silliness factor. Then again, if I can't continue to be a little silly, I guess I don't want any part of politics.

So for now I'll just keep trying to make positive changes in my little West of Eden. It's a good town, despite the things that drive me crazy. I came back here because it is like my talisman...if a town can be likened to that. The community garden is probably enough for me to bite off right now, anyway. I've got big plans, though. Big plans.

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