Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Swinging the Shallelagh.

Working on a story about "sexting".....whatever happened to writing love notes? Jeez...maybe I'm old fashioned but I think sending naked pics to someone is more than a little bit stupid and completely un-sexy. Anytime I have questions about propriety I always ask myself "what would Audrey Hepburn do?" I can guarantee you would never catch Ms. Hepburn sending risky pics through the ether for ANYONE to see.

Other than that, it's St. Pat's Day and I have no plans. No desire to drink green beer or go out and sing drunken Irish ballads. If I were still living in Seattle I would be going to Kell's to eat soda bread and drink Guinness...but here in Oklahoma there isn't a lot of genuine Irish fun to be found. At least not out here in the southwest.

I shouldn't even be blogging these days. The cold weather is making me so cranky my sense of humor and usual positive attitude has gone down the toilet. Watched it swirl and disappear about three days ago. I swear, this time last year I was wearing short sleeves and flippies every day. Maybe I just shouldn't blog until the temperatures start to average about 70 degrees.

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