Friday, March 5, 2010

Quotes from the Newsroom

Today I am just going to write random quotes from the newsroom.

(Content may not be suitable for mature audiences).

"That guy thinks he shits the cure for cancer." - Michael

"Old fart eyeball head." - Emily

"If I wanted to shoot people, the Pentagon would be the last place I would go. But that's just me." - Jeff

"Jeff, I'm hearing some foul words coming from your side of the room." - Michael

"Glazed beets. Mmm-mmm." - Emily

"Did you just armpit-check yourself?" - Michael

"Jeff, you are just about the right age for me to come over there and kick you in the face." - Me

"You know what we need? We need doors on this office." - Emily
"I second that." - Jeff
"Yah Michael when you made that remark about the asian vagina the other day, I was like, oh hell...because there was someone out there." - Emily
"Ha ha ha." - Michael
"Yah our conversations go downhill really fast." - Emily

"I want to go to Bora Bora." - Michael

"They're having edible underwear for breakfast." - Jeff

"I just find it funny that you were both trying to give Michael one-dollar bills." - Josh

"Bonus bowel-toids!" - Me
"Yer like, yah, thanks..." - Emily

"They all just stared at me in horror." - Me

"I just found a dollar in my pocket - WOOT WOOT!" - Michael

"Inappropriate!" - Michael
"Awesome!" - Josh

"Michael is that you crank calling?" - Brenda
"Why do you have to be so accusing? I'm just sitting here reading my emails." - Michael

"Julie, we don't tee tee in our pants - we tee tee in the potty." - Michael

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