Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bacon threats.

Emily just sent me a text and told me to meet her out in the parking lot because she had a present for me. It was a wedding cake flavored snow cone - MY FAVORITE! It's weird to not have her here. But I really like Patti. We were walking over to the chinese restaurant for lunch today and Safina and I started making "noodle" references. We always talk about "noodles" when we eat lunch at the Chinese restaurant. It's naughty. Patti chimed right in. Didn't even miss a beat.

Ryan just told me he drove all around Weatherford looking for a fire he heard about on the scanner. His face is a little red. He said he was swearing and spitting all by himself in his truck. Now he's telling my dog Scotch he's going to fry up some bacon and bring it to work tomorrow and set it on top of his desk, and if Scotch keeps ignoring him he won't get any. Scotch is just staring at him while he makes his futile threats.

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