Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ninth Level of Hell.

Bloggety Blog Blog Blog.

It's been awhile. My mom has been visiting and I took some time off. Ryan got married over the weekend. I gained about 23 pounds from eating out with mom and from eating leftover coconut wedding cake from my cousins wedding last weekend. All this marriage. It's an epidemic.

The In-design keeps crashing here in the newsroom. Yesterday Patti threw a little fit and I was so proud of her. She actually threw some papers around. Not a bona-fide fit, but she's getting there. We are good at throwing fits in the newsroom, in epidemic proportions.

I went to Hydro today to do a story about the new middle/high school. It was hot. It has been hotter than the 9th level of hell this last week. My central air isn't working like it should and my house gets about 85 degrees around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Problem is, it seems to be an epidemic around town and my landlady hasn't been able to get a repairman to come out. I think it's time to buy a house. Seriously.

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