Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday percolation.

Ok...I've been arguing with Jeff all day. He proudly waves the "Newsroom Redneck" flag and I smugly sport the "Newsroom Hippie" banner - and we got into it over the fact that Oklahoma is 49th in the nation in per-student education funding. It turned into an argument over marijuana (I'm for legalization even though I don't use it) and whether or not it is a more dangerous substance than alcohol or cigarettes...(both of them legal AND infinitely more lethal drugs). We like to argue...mostly because we couldn't be MORE opposed in most of our viewpoints regarding politics.

Ryan is exhausted from the mile-long commissioner's meeting this morning, and Patti has been her usual perky and positive self all day. Josh started school last week and so he's in and out all day. He's matriculating. The rest of us are just percolating. (Which, according to the Urban Dictionary - means we're getting the party started).

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