Thursday, August 5, 2010

Actors and Blood

Today we had a debate in the newsroom about the best thing that can happen to you AFTER you're dead. In other words, how we wanted our bodies deposed after we've breathed our last. Ryan insisted he MUST be cremated and his ashes scattered so he can "travel about" after he's dead. Jeff said it didn't matter to him - he said he will be beyond caring at that point.

Our editor, Patti, just wants to be a to her grandpa. I want them to just take me to one of the family farms, find a nice shady spot, dig a hole and drop me in. No yucky formaldehyde preservatives or expensive caskets. I just want to be part of the earth again.

Bad rollover accident at exit 80 just outside of town. Guy is still alive. He was going fast and lost control...Ryan went out and got the pics. I wrote about actors and blood today.

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