Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Too darn hot, even for Ramadan.

It's been a fairly sedate day in the newsroom. I think we're all just really hot (temperature hot...everyone knows we're awesome hot) and too sluggish to be too out of control. Scotch and Ryan are going to get fat, however - they have been eating cookies since we got in this morning.

Ryan is making his second soda pop run of the day, and the Ginger Midget (Josh...who is actually quite tall) is surfing the net. Patti is running amok instead. Her ponytail band matches her bright turquoise coin purse today.

Jeff went home to watch whatever football-related stuff he can find on television...he's going through some bad football jonesing the closer to the actual season we get.

I've been yelling "RAMADAN!" all day...I decided to do a story about it because this part of the world is so white and Christian and I think it's good to learn a little bit about other cultures. I will probably be stoned to death in the newspaper parking lot tomorrow.

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  1. i agree, jules, you should bring some culture to the wonderbread folks.