Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mo Fo Gat!

The day started with an early morning call from the county sheriff telling me about a shooting at a local bar - four people shot, none of them fatally. I really like our sheriff - he sort of reminds me of Wyatt Earp.

Anyway, Ryan does the hard news now so he did the story on the shooting. He has been talking all gangsta and waving his hands around in strange configurations. "Bring yo mo fo gat, son!" he shouted. More than once.

I wrote a story about Scotch. Phillip took a pic for it - Scotch sitting at my desk, working...with me next to him. I look old and fat in the pic. Scotch photographed well, however. It will be on the front page tomorrow. Yikes.

Jeff has been pestering me all day. He has an ongoing narration of what I'm doing on my computer. He's like a kid brother. I called him a tattletale today. Patti just laughed.

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