Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Meanest Woman on the North American Continent

It's been a good day in the newsroom. Even Scotch was feeling all happycrazy and bouncing around between desks. I wrote about robots and and an organization for the developmentally disabled. Great lunch at Kiwanis where we talked about this woman we met at a dinner the other night...The Meanest Woman on the North American Continent. Seriously, she was MEAN. Not only that, she was ugly. Bad combination. She was so mean even Brenda, the Kiwanis president described her from the podium as the meanest woman she's ever met. At the dinner, when Mean Lady first sat down my friend Bobby and I looked at each other in horror and then got the giggles. It was like having the giggles in church. But we were scared she would bite our heads off, chew them up, then regurgitate them on our friend James' plate. So we giggled in silence. MAN that was a MEAN woman!!!

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