Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pants full of Ants

I have ants in my pants. Fall always does this to me. Granted, it's not officially Fall yet, but it's September, which is close enough. I'm done being summer-lazy and ready to get back to my projects. I think it's residual "back to school" mentality. You know how for at least a dozen years of your life (in my case, 21) you knew that when September rolled around it was time to get your new pencils and Big Chief notebook and get back to work? It's like that. Programmed ambition.

The newsroom has been pretty sedate today. Patti made a story - so she's been pretty quiet. I wrote stories about mushrooms and a gallery opening. Ryan has a huge headache and he's craving Braum's hamburgers. Jeff gave me an update on Dancing with the Stars participants and otherwise gave me a hard time all day long. He's proud of that. Scotch took the afternoon off.

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