Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Concealed cure for bad guys.

I tried to make my escape back to the PNW...but it didn't last too long. So here I am, back in the newsroom. I missed my people, though...I really did. They haven't changed a bit.

We're talking about the creepy, scary, dangerous people that have been coming into the newsroom lately because we've been writing stories about their crimes and charges. They get all mad and threatening - waving their arms and just acting generally ugly.

So we've decided we're all going to to get our concealed carry and keep big guns in our desks. Ryan is stoked about that idea. I said I would worry that he would be pointing his gun and every little old lady that comes in to give us club notes. He said "Everyone else in Weatherford has a gat - why can't we?"

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