Monday, September 6, 2010

Haunted, spidery newsroom.

It's quiet here at the Weatherford Daily News. The only people here, in the whole building, are the writers. Well, and Josh-the-photographer. Basically - the newsroom people are the only poor buggers working the Labor Day holiday. We get out of here at noon, tho.

But still, it's dark and creepy here today. I think we should build a campfire in the middle of the lobby, make s'mores and tell ghost stories. This place is already haunted by Larry - the editor here before Emily and Patti. He was the editor when I first started working here. He had a heart attack here in the newsroom. Once in awhile it smells of garlic and roast beef, and we know he's around. Also, the door to the upstairs will occasionally close on its own.

And on an even creepier note, Jeff just sprung up from his desk and raced across the newsroom - right about the time I saw an ENORMOUS brown spider running across the floor toward my desk. Jeff stomped the crap out of it. We all stood around and examined the squished arachnid, and agreed it looked like a brown recluse. Now I'm even MORE creeped out. Heebie Jeebies!!!!

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