Friday, August 27, 2010

These boots are made for walkin'.

Ryan has earplugs in his ears and he's pretending he can't hear me when I ask him why he's throwing my proofed pages on the floor. Brenda took a terrified Scotch for a short walk (I'm trying to get him used to other people in case I die or something). Patti is working on the final pages of the weekender and Jeff already left for the day. He leaves early a lot because he has to work games in the evening. Josh is running around with a camera slung around his neck.

Thank Heavens it's Friday. I'm going over to my aunt's house for "bubbly on the back patio" tonight. I typed too many birth announcements today.

We had a pretty good wreck on Main Street this morning. It's that stupid diagonal parking and people are backing out blind and getting hit all the time. The city won't change to parallel parking because A) people here are afraid of parallel parking and B) it would eliminate half the parking on Main Street and people might actually have to park more than 100 ft. away from their intended shopping destination and WALK (heaven forbid)! More than a third of the people in Oklahoma are obese. I think there is a direct correlation between this attitude toward walking and the fact that so many people here are overweight. Just like I think there's a direct correlation between a generally healthy and slim population and the amount their culture is willing to walk from point A to point B - which is generally a lot more walking than people do here. My two cents.

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