Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wong Foo Fighting

My dog Scotch was on crack in the newsroom today. Running around in the middle of the room, jumping in the air, chasing his tail...then scooting off into the reception area like Lucifer was on his back...I have NO idea what got into him. It was funny, tho. Patti and I were rolling.

Now he's completely sacked out under my desk. Which is kinda where I want to be - taking a nap - but I have a bachelorette party to attend tonight. (It's a TUESDAY night! What???)

Jeff has advised me NOT to publish a story about where drag queens buy clothes in western Oklahoma - I got the idea because I'm going to be doing a little story on a business in a tiny little town (close to here) called Bokays by Nina and Tina...or something like that. Reminds me of the Strawberry Festival town in "To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar." I haven't even MET a drag queen out here...but you never know.

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