Monday, July 19, 2010

Someone fetch me a straightjacket.

I didn't sleep last night because my legs were itching and because I had a lot on my mind (GOOD things...had some nice conversations with friends and potential friends in the late evening, and my cousin Bo) I tossed and turned and ended up with only about four hours sleep. So at lunch today I had one of those five hour energy drinks. Ahem. Waiting for the KOOKY to kick in.

Newsroom is still having server problems, and I lost a whole story today. I'm fixing to rewire it (do a rewrite). Jeff is back today and already giving me hell. Ryan is pretty sedate - must be all that premarital counseling he's getting. Patti is trying NOT to lose her mind with all the server stuff. Josh is running amok, as usual.

For as much as I love summer, for some reason I am already ready for fall. I don't want winter...just fall. And I want ALL crazypeople banished from my normally happy world.

St. Jules of the big heart and open arms for crazypeople with their crazydrama has officially left the building. For good.

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