Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting on the Stick

It's Friday morning and I have an evil virus. I have a feeling it will be a chicken soup and chamomile tea weekend.

Will this winter ever end? Seriously...longest damn winter I can remember in eons.

I am lagging behind in my transformation. No, haven't been doing bad, habit forming wine, no cigars, no narcissistic sociopaths....but I haven't been doing my good things, either. I need to paint my studio but it's still winter. I need to practice my henna art but I need some essential oils to add to the "mud" which means I need money (short on that right now). I need to get on the stick with the community garden thing and get THAT committee organized. I want to start a literary group and an artists group but I still have to get Second Sundays up to speed. And Lord knows my yoga is lagging. New mat and all.

So much to do - and it's not like I don't have the time. Ha! Four more months of sabbatical to get things done. On the Summer Solstice everything changes.

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