Friday, February 12, 2010

Candy Hearts.

I just got home from the SWOSU Jazz Festival. It's still early for a Friday night, but I didn't feel like going out afterward...and I'm not ready for bed, so....


I lived in Seattle for nearly three decades and heard all kinds of live music all the time - rock, alternative, reggae, bluegrass, goth, pop, international...and jazz at Ernestine's (back in the day) and Jazz Alley. But I have to say tonight, in my little town in Oklahoma, I heard some of the BEST jazz ever. Totally inspiring and totally cool.

Emily was my date, (as well as my cousin 16 times removed, Jared, for the steak dinner) - but I have more fun with her anyway going just about anywhere. At one point, between sets, I pulled a small bag of candy hearts from my purse. I told Emily "these are special candy hearts. I'm going to give you one, and it's going to have a lot of meaning and be very prophetic...sort of like a fortune cookie only better."

So I pulled out a yellow heart and gave it to her, then I pulled one out for myself...also yellow. She looked at hers and said "What the hell?" I looked at mine. Neither of them had a word we could understand stamped on it. They seemed to be in a different language. So I pulled out two more and we realized the sentiments were written in Spanish. They said things like "di nada" and "amor" and "lindo"....very curious.

She asked me where I got them, and I couldn't remember. Really weird. I remember getting them...or at least I remember someone handing them to me, but I couldn't for the life of me remember where I was when it happened. We looked at the bag, and all it said on the front was "Sweethearts." I go a lot of different places in the course of a week, and people give me stuff all the time, and usually I remember where things come from but the place I got this little bag of hearts is still a mystery to me.

We had a good laugh. "It figures" we both said. Love in a different language.

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