Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yesterday I went to the city with my Leadership Weatherford class and we learned a lot about nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is manipulating molecules to create new and different types of molecules for different purposes. It both fascinates and scares the heck out of me...because there is a potential for amazing good or infinite evil...depending on where the technology goes.

Anyway, 1900 - 1950 was the "industrial age"....1950 - 2010 was the "communication age" and now 2010 - 2050 will be the "nanotech age". If what the scientists yesterday said is true, nanotechnology will change our world over the next two decades just as much as electricity did.

Frankly, I would prefer to just live in an artists commune somewhere in a desert and grow my own food. Well, and be able to take a trip into the city once in awhile to catch a movie or shop. Ha!

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