Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I have a mouth of wood.

Once again, I don't feel like blogging. My head feels like it is wrapped tightly in Saran Wrap because it is dehydrated. Probably shriveled up like a raisin. Dayna came over last night and we split a bottle of wine and talked. I used to be able to drink an entire bottle without feeling the effects the next day. My clean lifestyle is making me a wuss.

I am also feeling bitter towards the alcoholic today. The further away I get from that situation the more I realize what a total mindf*** he was. I don't normally feel bitter toward exes, especially since most of them are still my friends. Good friends. But not this guy. I need to go home and start thinking good thoughts, instead of humming "Goodbye Earl" and fantasizing about the world being free of one more mean person.

I'm not normally like this. I'm usually goodness and light. Today I am a big hairy, ugly man in a pink tu-tu, wonking unsuspecting bystanders on the head with my prickly wand. (For some reason that is just the vision I got while I was coming up with words for what I feel).

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