Monday, February 15, 2010

Fortune Cookie for Valentines Day's another weird story. Yesterday I decided to pick up some Chinese food and take it home in celebration of the Chinese New Year. So...I got my food and was standing at the counter writing out my check. The lovely Asian girl behind the counter was getting me a bag of soy sauce and other stuff, and she reached for the basket of fortune cookies and started to grab one to add to the bag.

Instead of grabbing the cookie, however, her hand paused about two inches above the cookie basket. She looked from the cookie basket to me, and her expression changed from sort of bored to a combination of alarmed and amused (if that's possible). Then she slowly moved her hand from the cookie she nearly grabbed to another one...never taking her eyes off me. She picked that one up and put it in the bag. Then she gave me a wry smile and sent me on my way.

So...when I got home I ate my food then reached into the bag for the fortune cookie. I sat it on the counter and stared at it for a minute. It seemed to have special mojo because of the way the young chinese lady selected it. Finally I picked it up, unwrapped it and broke it open.

My fortune said "you are about to receive something you have wanted all your life."

HELLS BELLS! Really? I know what that thing is, but I'm not going to blog it. Don't want to mess with the magic.

Anyway, Michael just flipped me off in two really creative ways. One was peeling his fingers down like a banana with his middle finger remaining. The next way was blowing his middle finger up like a balloon. newsroom people.

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