Monday, January 25, 2010


Things are back to normal in the newsroom. No more tiptoeing around crazy Jules. I decided to drink today so I went and got a 32 ounce diet coke, and as I was on the phone with Stafford Air and Space Museum I noticed a pen fly by. When I looked at the styrofoam cup containing my coke, a small stream of brown was shooting out the side. The pen had poked a hole in my cup.

After that, a blue peanut M&M bounced off my desk. Jeff is hurling insults. The current newsroom topic among our award winning journalists is "farting," followed closely by cannibalism. And after that a subject I can't blog about because my Aunt Betty reads this from time to time, but suffice to say it's a liquid bi-product of sexual activity.

And I have decided to eat my way out of crazytown today. So far: a sausage biscuit (courtesy of Michael), a hamburger and large fries, rice pudding and a box of Girl Scout Samoas (courtesy of my publisher). I shall now morph into a swine. Goodbye size 8.

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