Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Star People in my Head.

Try your best to hold onto your sense of reality today -- hard as it may be! Something big has shifted and you might have to adjust your thoughts and feelings in accordance with the new info.

That is my horrorscope for today.
OK, weird enough.
I wonder if I've ever even had a sense of reality. Guess I'll go digging through my head to see if I can find it. My head hurts, however, so I'll have to dig later. I drank too many Coronas last night. I gave into my vices and now I'm off my big, high horse of feeling like my life is completely in order.

But I'll start all over again today. I am angry and frustrated and I don't even know why. Not really. My life is so amazingly good...or at least has a lot of potential right now.

Guess I'll just go put on my aluminum foil hat and sit on my back porch and wait for the star people to tell me what to do. Because right now I don't have a clue.

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