Friday, April 1, 2011

April Foolishness.

We got in trouble for being too loud in here today. Our publisher said he couldn't hear himself we sit, silently proofing pages and suppressing giggles like third graders.

Writers aren't known for their maturity, sobriety or personal hygiene.

It's Friday, and the weekend edition is nearly complete. It's been a stupendous week. I liked all the stories I wrote...which doesn't happen every week. I kissed my elbow in celebration.

Jeff and I got into a screaming match earlier today over gun control. It was of our better fights. My Aunt B. came in a little later to bring me a magazine with a whole page of dog quotes in it and I was yelling at Jeff at the time. She nearly turned around and walked back out.

But there is a great love in the newsroom. I mean that.

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