Friday, March 25, 2011

Diabolical Plans

This afternoon I am hatching several diabolical plans involving paper clips, a typewriter, a cherry pie and a lawman from Texas. Heh heh.

Seriously, though...some guy brought in some kettle corn for the newsroom today and a couple of us have eaten enough of it to be a little bit sick. Ryan has been on the phone all day. I got in trouble because I yelled at Jeff to shut his mouth and didn't realize Ryan was interviewing on the phone at the desk next to me. Actually, he thought it was kinda funny, too.

Ryan said no one wants to talk to him today - in or out of the office. He said nobody likes him for some reason. Actually, we all love him, but he's having a mini-pity party over there by himself so I'll leave him alone. I won't point out that he's been talking to people all day.

Jeff just said out loud "I am so gay." We are aghast. Someone better tell Mandy (his girlfriend). Really, would be fun to have a little diversity in the newsroom. Unfortunately we're all white, straight and crazy.

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