Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tales from the Cryptic

I haven't been blogging because of changes in the newsroom and I haven't had the heart. Ryan isn't here anymore...and nearly everyone is really sad about that. I have seen good times and bad times in here. Some things remain constant, like Jeff over there in the corner that I adore even though he drives me crazy...and Brendi behind the desk out front...and Candise in layout that always brings a ray of light to my day...and Safina in the ad department and Teresa in accounting...good friends all of them. Those people are like a comfortable t-shirt or a good pair of boots that has taken years to break in and get just right. Having them around is comforting and makes me feel good. They are family.

But there has been a lot of change in here in the last month or so. I saw it happen a year ago when Michael and Emily left, and I'm seeing it again now. I won't comment one way or another...but suffice to say I will likely be finding another blog subject - if I continue to blog at all.

There is big change in the air all around - not just here. Life was cruising in the same direction for a very long time, then this year it suddenly changed direction...and fully went the opposite way. Many of the changes are good...and some are not so good. I'm learning things aren't always as they seem - even when they seem to be all right.

I know this is cryptic and weird...but that will change too. Sooner than later.

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