Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kerosene Cocktails

It smells horribly of kerosene in the newsroom this afternoon. . Apparently the press room has fired up its kerosene heater and they are stinking us all out - and causing a rash of annoying headaches. Writers with headaches = trouble, right here in River City. We've discussed going across the street to the 117 Bar to take refuge.

We've also discussed the possibility the press room people may be manufacturing molotov cocktails with kerosene and printer rags.

It's been an agonizingly long week. This cold weather has everyone cranky - which is not normal for the newsroom. We're normally a fun-loving lot...but not for the last four days. We're sullen and we eat constantly and we're swearing more than normal (and that's a LOT of swearing).

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