Friday, April 16, 2010

Who drugged the journalists?

Tame newsroom today for a Friday. I just asked my people to give me something to blog about, and Michael fake punched me and said "Blog about this!" Now he's sitting at his computer, sighing and making raspberries. (fart noises)


Emily is over there singing a really interesting version of "Aint No Sunshine"....Jeff left to cover a soccer game, and who knows where Josh went.

It's raining and bleak outside today, so we're a little more sedate than normal. I still have the lung plague...and earlier today my computer caught a really nasty virus and a computer fixing guy had to come rid it of more than 200 bugs. Wow.

I'm sick of my 1200 calorie per day diet already. I have to go to Prom tomorrow night. Cranky.

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