Friday, December 17, 2010

Random writers

I am clueless why I've become so lax about newsroom blogging. It's not like there's not enough material to fill a small novella. I guess we've all just been so busy during the Christmas season.

Kirby just made a Sonic run and the manager came out and chewed her out and asked her what she was doing there. Kirby worked at Sonic one day and quit. Apparently the manager doesn't like ex-employees to patronize his establishment.

Ryan just walked into the newsroom and declared "assorted chocolates!" in his best British accent. Then he said he was going to punch Jeff right in the face. Then he turned to Kirby and casually asked "do you ever watch Family Guy?" Newsroom people are random people.

My coat smells like dog pee and I have no idea why. Now I'm going to be known as "the smelly writer."

I'm just glad it's Friday. It's been an exhausting week.

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