Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Nice Piece of Apple Pie

It's the holiday season in the newsroom. It's loud in here. We have a lime green Dr. Seuss Christmas tree in the corner which pretty much suits us. It looks like a bottom-heavy topiary one might find smack in the middle of Who-ville.

The Supreme Commander (Patti) is about to throttle Southern Fried Sexy (Jeff) because he verbally pokes at her pretty much non-stop (in a good natured way, of course) all day now. Ryan eggs him on. I hurl insults at both of them. Jeff hurls them back and Ryan just laughs.

Safina (from advertising) is walking around with a white Kleenex hanging from her nostril. Brenda is wearing red reindeer antlers.

Today I got busted talking like Julia Child (I do it because it amuses Brenda) by a hapless delivery guy who happened to come in the back door through the press room and no one saw him coming. Ryan has been obsessed with Harry Potter and he was talking about the villain Voldomort and I said in my Julia Child voice (at full volume) "He needs a nice piece of apple pie"...right at the time the delivery guy walked in. (I was facing Ryan with my back to the door and didn't see him coming). The newsroom busted up and Ryan said the delivery guy was trying really hard not to laugh because he probably thought something was really wrong with me.

Actually, there probably is.

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