Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dirty Harriet.

I'm being hostile to Jeff today. Maybe it's because he's wearing a button-down shirt for the first time...or maybe it's because the Clinton nemesis has been poking me with a big, psychological stick recently and I feel like Dirty Harry and just want someone to make my day...if you get my drift.

Patti said, as our Supreme Commander, that she is just going to stay out of it today. In other words, as I like to see it, she is turning a blind eye to my abuse of our beloved Sports Editor. Mwah Haa Haaaa.

I have no idea where Ryan and Kirby went. Today is Ryan's Rotary Club day...maybe they caught on to his under-cover work and put him on the rack. I told him he was too young for Rotary. He doesn't blend in.

Perhaps I'm just frustrated from lack of sleep today - and the fact nobody is calling me back on several stories I'm working on. Therefore I'm left to my own devices. And this afternoon it means the torturing of Jeff.

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