Monday, January 18, 2010

Ms. Prickles

There is a lot to blog about today but I have a splitting headache so it's gonna be short. I made a decision this weekend. I'm not going to shave my legs when I have an evening bath after the gym. I already shave my legs in the morning.

This is part of my liberation. If I were in a relationship I would shave my legs after gym. But if I don't shave them now no one will be the wiser. It's just five minutes wasted when no one will benefit from it anyway. I don't need silky smooth legs 24/7. Sheesh. I have smooth legs for the daytime. I have NEVER been able to take a bath and NOT shave my legs in the past. It was a compulsive thing...from being married 23 years (10 years and then 13 years) and not wanting to go to bed with prickly legs. I realized I was just being neurotic and they really aren't that prickly anyway.

Now I have five extra minutes to read my self-help books before bedtime. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
OK. Enough. I feel a little kooky already.

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