Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lair Letter Excerpt.

Excerpt from The Lair Letters. Dated January 12, 2007 - exactly three years ago today:

"Hi my girl (Pammy Sue).
Just got off work. Made $96. (The lair letters usually started with how many tips I made that night). I'm finishing the tail end of a bottle of white I started a couple of days ago.

Is there a Betty Ford clinic for Asshole Addiction? (Hmmm. THAT didn't sound quite right).

So I saw the Big Dumb Blonde in Safeway today. I need to start shopping at QFC. I went there to get conditioner and had just been tanning and wearing baggy sweats and a nasty tshirt...no makeup and hair sticking out in 17 directions. You know how you fantasize about running into an ex when you're looking hot, skinny and gloriously happy? This was not that day. He saw me, I saw him...he smirked. SMIRKED!!! Then he texted me about 15 minutes after I left the store and said "Nice seeing you. You look great. Lol. What are you doing tonight?"

I texted him back. IDIOT!!! I said "Thank you. I have lots of plans."

Guess I'll be heading to the ridge tonight."

And on and on this particular letter went about how insane I was for making plans to see him again.

The Big Dumb Blonde and I are still good friends. We talk on Facebook from time to time, and he's engaged now to a woman he met on Match.com.

OK...back to work. I know I promised lair letter excerpts so thought I would throw that one in, especially since it is exactly three years ago today. I met the alcoholic a couple months later. I really should have checked on the Betty Ford thing.

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