Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bigger Toes and Peach Days

I got really excited about my toes last night. It may be crazy, but I think both my second toes are growing just a little bit. They looked a wee bit longer than my big toes...sticking out of the bubbles in my bubble bath after I got back from the gym.

See, I've heard that people whose second toes are longer than their big toe are more independent than people whose second toes are equal length or shorter. I suspect this means I'm getting more independent. Or losing my mind...whichever.

Anyway, this is the first time I've been without a relationship or dating someone since I was fourteen years old. In the past, the longest I went without having a boy or man around was four months, and that was right after my second divorce.

Having my family here for the holidays gave me a great deal of strength to do things the right way. So I'm trying. Yesterday I had my first "peach" day on my behavior calendar...(yes, I have one). I went from black days in November to blue days to purple days to green days and now...a PEACH day!!!

And my second toe seems to be growing. I like this. Pammy Sue once told me it would be good if I could get to a point where I'm happy with being alone. Not permanently. But happy with my own company and hopeful about love. And I think that's where I am now....which is a total miracle.

Anyway...I think more peach days are on the horizon. And finally...I'll get to a pink day. Pink is the best.

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